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If someone in your family has a drinking problem, you can see what it is doing to them. But, do you see what it is doing to you? Al-Anon meetings are held every Tuesday at 8:00 at the Golden Age Club on Summit Street. For information and help, contact Al-Anon at 204-522-8288.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other in order to solve their common problem. Closed meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. at the Golden Age Club on Summit Street. If you are interested, contact 204-522-3671, 204-686-2410, 306-685-2104 or 204-747-3995.

Tap, Ballet & Jazz:
Ages 3 & up meet every Wednesday from September to the end of March at the Melita Strand Theatre. Students participate in the Virden Arts Festival and a year-end recital. For more information, contact Terri Alphonso at 306-339-7990.

The Border Snow Riders are an organized snowmobiling club that meet regularly in the winter months. New members are welcome. Over 160 kms. of groomed trails are available in the Melita area. Maps are available on request or you can visit the Snoman of Manitoba website for provincial trail information.

Events: Annual Poker Derby  and other fundraising initiatives to help run the groomer.

Cotton Attics is a quilting club that meets once a month from September to April. Meetings are shared between Melita and Pierson, and held at the local schools. The meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. This group has members from across the southwest region. New to experienced quilters are welcome to participate. The group participates in a charity project each year, such as: quilts for cancer care, quilts for local hospital “hugs”, panamas and tote bags for local charities.
Fee to be part of the club is $35 per year. Learn techniques, block swaps, mystery quilts and more! The group currently has approximately 18 members. For more information, contact, contact Gloria Vanbeselaere at 204-522-3597.

Melita & Area Christmas Cheer started in 1989 under the umbrella of the Brandon-Westman Christmas Cheer Registry, Inc. The board consists of representatives from the churches and communities plus clergy (referral committee) in the set boundary of Coulter, Elva, Lyleton, Melita, Napinka, Pierson and Tilston. The board meets four times during the season at the Chicken Chef.
A letter of solicitation for donations of cash, non-perishable food items and children gifts is sent out to organizations in the area. In October, a reminder also appears in the newspaper with particulars and deadlines for the season. The 4-H group and a school TAG group assist on hamper packing day and/or delivery day. Drivers are arranged to deliver the hampers. Melita & Area Christmas Cheer was formed because of a need in the area to provide Christmas meal and gifts for children who might otherwise go without. For more information, contact 204-522-3952.

Running 11 months a year, the Food Pantry offers fresh and non-perishable food donations to those in the area who may not have the resources available to provide these items for themselves and their family. Winnipeg Harvest supplies fresh food once per month. Non-perishable and monetary donations are also made locally. On the 3rd Friday of every month, hampers are filled and distributed. For more information, contact Donna Bell at 204 522 3952


The Melita & area Handi-van offers door to door transportation for day trips, medical appointments, adult programming, and group charters.

Flat rate within town limits: $4.00, one-way / $8.00, round trip

Best rate out of town: $4.00, one-way / $8.00, round trip 

Mileage of $0.60 per loaded km

Waiting time fee: $12.50/hour for medical and $15.00/hour for non-medical

To book a ride, phone 204-264-0447
Address: Box 613, Melita MB R0M1L0

Melita has a very active local organization with approximately 25 members. The Lions Club is a service group that work towards serving their community in the way of volunteering and financial support. Each year, the local Lions Club hosts a benefit event where the funds raised go towards local people that may be in need. Other community projects are also undertaken. Community groups and community members may approach the Lions Club for financial support. For more information, contact: Eleanor Renwick at 204-522-8686 or mail to Box 852, Melita, MB R0M1L0.

The Melita Centennial Committee Inc. is a registered charity. In 1985, it was incorporated as a Foundation as a result of money raised during the 1984 Centennial Celebrations and with money which has been donated. This fund was also enhanced by money raised during the 110 Celebrations in 1994 and the Melita 125 Celebrations in 2009. All the money raised by donations or by bequests is invested. The interest earned on these investments is spent each year on capital projects that will benefit the community.
Applications for funding are available in October of each year. Grants are awarded by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting held in mid-November. The Board is composed of Councilors from Melita and the RM of Arthur (now known as part of Municipality of Two Borders), various service clubs and citizen representatives; each is appointed for a four-year term.

For more information, contact Alex Oliver, Secretary-Treasurer: 204-522-6572, or Box 915, Melita, MB, R0M1L0

Download the 2022 Melita Centennial Fund Application, Deadline on Oct. 31 '22 by 5pm.  Applications MUST BE dropped off at Stewart’s Lumber in Melita.

The K-40′s meet on the first Monday of each month. They also assist with events that the K-Ettes participate in such as the Wildlife Supper in April. Past Kinsmen members are welcome to join. For more information, contact, contact Bill Holden at 204-522-8491.

The K-Ettes meet for a supper meeting and social evening once per month. They also assist with events that the K-40′s participate in such as the Wildlife supper. Past Kinettes members are welcome join.
For more information, contact Jean Loucks at 204-522-3958 or Faye McLoughlin at 204-522-3956.

The objective of the Donor’s Choice is to conduct one organized canvas per year to receive moneys in trust for payment to recognized charities. There are currently 23 registered charities that are on the Melita Donors Choice list. The annual canvass is held in April of each year. Donations will be accepted at any time throughout the year. The committee meets approximately four times per year and encourages new active members. Volunteer opportunities include such things as: aiding in annual canvas and charity representatives. Download: 2022 Donor’s Choice Pledge Sheet

For more information, contact: Monica Lesy, President  or Brenda Banks, Treasurer

Our goals:
Improve the quality of life in our community.
Coordinate existing art programs and organizations
Develop long-term educational programs in dance, music, theatre, visual and literary arts
Assist local artists in developing their talent
Animate overall interest and commitment to arts in our community
Help develop new art organizations/facilities in our community such as theatre group, choirs, etc.
Make the community a more attractive place to live in and to move into
New members always welcome, please join us anytime.

Prairie Vision Arts Council Services:

  • Municipality of Two Borders
  • Municipality of Brenda-Waskada
  • Town of Melita

For more information, contact 204-522-5361/634-2482 or fax: 204-522-3587 or mail to Box 341, Melita, MB R0M1L0
Skill Development
Dance Classes
Art Classes

  • Talents shared by local artists using a variety of medium

Art & Craft Displays

  • Local artists display a variety of Arts and Crafts at the Southwest Manitoba Library in Melita and Pierson, and the Seniors Centre in Waskada.

Art West Displays at the Library

Graduation Scholarship

  • For students pursuing visual and performing arts

Peace Garden

  • International Music Camo – Voice, Dance, Band

Westman Youth Choir
Brandon University

  • Mini-University Fine Arts Courses

The Royal Canadian Legion 127 is a group (membership) which remembers the veterans from Melita & Area who took part in wars.
Special Events:

  • Annual Remembrance Day Service
  • Sponsors many local events

The Melita Legion Lounge is open to members and guests. This is a place to socialize and hold special functions.
Other events:

  • Saturday Meat Draws (5pm)
  • Dart League

For more information, contact Rose Bugg, Head Stewardess at 204-522-3568 or through 102 Oak Street, Melita, MB, R0M1L0.

This is a non-profit organization with a mandate on enabling seniors and disabled persons to continue living independently within their communities as long as possible. They do so through the use of volunteers, service providers and coordinators. They offer Congregate Meals, Lifeline Emergency Response System, blood pressure checks, errands, transportation, to name a few. View their brochure here.

For more information, contact: local coordinator at 204-522-8466; For Congregate Meals, contact the Melita Lodge at 204-522-8795

It is the goal of Southwest Continuing Education to increase the accessibility of educational programming to meet the labour needs of our surrounding communities and municipalities in Southwest Manitoba.

Southwest Continuing Education is a non-profit organization working in partnership with surrounding Rural Municipalities, Towns, Reserves, businesses, and public services. For more information, contact 204-264-1316.

The Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library Melita Branch brings the family together.  Whether you are stopping in to enjoy one of the events being hosted by Antler River Recreation, or enjoying our inventory of over 22 ,709 books or items, we welcome you! 

A a part of the library’s collection is non-print materials such as videos and talking books. The public is also encouraged to access the internet, word processors and informational programs available on the two library computers for a small fee.

Hours of Operation: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., closed at noon

Schedule: Open on Tuesdays to Fridays

Contact: 204-522-3923, 149 Main Street or email

Take a look at our entire  online inventory for the Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library

Give today to build for tomorrow. A foundation is the heart of your community, it needs your support.
Objectives of Southwest Manitoba Regional Foundation Inc.
The Board of Directors of the foundation will utilize funds that are classified as revenue. Funds will be dispersed in support of the following objectives of the foundation, namely:

  1. To support educational advancement and enrichment programs;
  2. To support and encourage the maintenance of a sustainable lifestyle for senior citizens and disadvantaged persons;
  3. To enhance the provision of medical and social services to those in need;
  4. To support the recreational pursuits of community members;
  5. To encourage and support cultural activities that may assist the moral, mental, and physical development in social understanding;
  6. To assist in funding projects which preserve, protect, and improve the environment; and
  7. To fund other activities that will be beneficial to the community as a whole and in a way that the law regards as charitable including other organizations that are registered with Revenue Canada as charities for income tax purposes.

Download the 2023 Southwest Manitoba Regional Foundation Application, Deadline on November 10th, 2023. Applications MUST be mailed to SMRF Grant Application, Box 338, Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0

If you would like to donate to our Foundation, please contact your local Municipal or Town Office for the name of the Board Member nearest you.