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Emergency Management

The Town of Melita is part of the S.E.M.G; a partnership of seven Municipalities and four Towns in the southwest corner of Manitoba with the goals of Preparing Municipalities for Emergencies, being effective in their Response and Recovery and the  Mitigation of any future potential for emergencies.

As required by the Province of Manitoba requires all municipalities to update their Emergency Response Plans every year, and submit these documents to the department of Emergency Measures.

Click here to view the Emergency Response Plan for the Town of Melita.

The Purpose of this Plan is to provide guidance for prompt and coordinated response to emergencies or disasters affecting the Municipality of Melita. 

The Responsibility for the health and welfare of the citizens of Melita lies with those citizens. They are responsible to deal with crises in the first instance and to have an individual or family plan to do so. Most emergencies beyond the individual capacity to cope are dealt with day-to-day by normal emergency services - police, fire, ambulance. In the event that a major emergency proves beyond the capacity of citizens and of the normal emergency services, Council is responsible for managing the response. Council is assisted in executing its responsibilities by the usual resources of the municipality, and by the Emergency Response Control Group (Control Group). This plan directs the actions of that group.

The Priorities of emergency response are as follows:
• Save lives
• Reduce suffering
• Protect public health
• Protect critical infrastructure
• Protect property
• Protect the environment
• Reduce economic and social losses