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Animal Control

Reminder About Responsible Pet Ownership

The Town of Melita would like to remind all pet owners that there are rules to follow to ensure the safety of their own pets, as well as others within our community. It is your responsibility to make sure your pet does not become someone else’s nuisance.

  • All cats, dogs, and domestic pets need to have a license. - Licensing Fees are waived for 2023
  • Shots and vaccination must be updated regularly.


We would like to ask all pet owners to please be responsible pet owners.  Please pick up the unpleasant "leavings" of your furry friend.  Help us to ensure clean and healthy spaces to walk and for our children to play.

This is in pursuant to the Town of Melita's ANIMAL CONTROL BY-LAW NO. 2021-006

Licensed fees (Annual) – and related charges from By-Law #2021-006

Type of LicenseFees
For each spayed female or neutered male, dog or cat$10.00 - Free for 2023
Breach of By-Law #2021-006 - First Offence$100.00
Breach of By-Law #2021-006 - Second Offence$200.00
Breach of By-Law #2021-006 - Third Offence$300.00
Impoundment Fees$495.00 to $735.00

  • Pets should be kept under control by each owner at all times and leashed when outside the boundaries of the owner’s lot. Pets are not allowed to run at large.  This helps prevent injury to other community members, including other pets. As an example, an unleashed dog may cause apprehension in other dogs and owners when approaching an unfamiliar, unleashed dog. If they are running free, the dog catcher will be contacted and the owner will have to pay a fee for picking up the animal. There is an off-leash recreation area at River Park for licensed pets.

  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after your pets. When walking your pets, be prepared with disposable bags to pick-up any waste your pets may produce. Disposal of the excrement will be at the owner’s premises. As a responsible pet owner, you are helping keep our parks, streets, sidewalks, and surroundings clean and unobstructed. Let us be mindful of the impact your dog and/or cat waste may have on someone else’s property.