Antler River Recreation

Golf The goal of Antler River Recreation District is to encourage and provide opportunities for people to experience leisure through the initiation of a public recreation program which shall include all aspects of recreation: physical, social, cultural and artistic; all striving to meet the needs of the community.

Antler River Recreation District Commission consists of the R.M. of Albert R.M. of Arthur, R.M. of Brenda, R.M. of Edward ,Town of Melita and Southwest Horizon School Division.

South West Manitoba boasts one very active community for recreation. For all seasons and all reasons you can find indoor and outdoor activities to your liking.

Programs currently being offered are arts and crafts, sports, cultural programs, and sports clinics.   Antler River Recreation provides services and opportunities everyone.  All ages (“from cradle to grave”) enjoy all kinds of activities.

Programs vary year to year to accommodate specific requests.

Antler River Recreation posts program flyers changing with the seasons of the year.

Spring 2014 Flyer

ARRD youth summer programming flyers.

Summer Programming 2014

Melita Flyer

Pierson Flyer

Waskada Flyer 

2014 Summer Coordinators:

Kelsey Sanderson & Amber Tilbury

Our office locations are 101 Ash Street (Handivan Building) in Melita and 58 Railway Avenue (Library) in Pierson on Wednesday afternoons.

Gloria Caldwell
Phone: 204-522-8328