Health and Emergency

HospitalMelita has an 11 bed hospital with a 20 bed personal care unit adjacent. The health complex also provides space for community health, public health, mental health, continuing care, and therapy services.

Melita Health Center: (204)-522-3403

Adult Day program

A program offered to eligible persons to provide socialization and activities for the client and/ or respite are for the caregiver. Please contact Melita Home Care Case Coordinator  (204)-522-4314.

Adult Community Mental Health

Counselling to adult individuals experiencing mental health concerns. Facilitates admission to appropriate medical/psychiatric facilities when necessary. Please contact Melita Community Mental Health Worker (204)-522-4313


Pre-hospital emergency care and transfer to other care facilities is provided 24 hours a day by trained volunteers and professional staff. Please contact 911.

Lifeline Emergency System

Home emergency response system for the elderly and disabled. Contact Senior Services of Antler River for application and rental information. Please contact Senior Services of Antler River (204)-522-8466.

Bath Program

Whirlpool baths are available to those unable to bath independently. Contact Home Care Case Coordinator (204)-522-4314.

Business Office: Melita Health Center (204-522-4300.

Cardiac/Diabetic Education Resources

Provides education programs for people with diabetes and their families upon physician referral. Also includes education for health care professionals. Please contact Prairie Heath Matters (204)-571-8357.

Child and Adolescent Community Mental Health

Counselling to clients, families and communities experiencing adolescent mental health concerns. Facilitates admission to appropriate medical/psychiatric facilities when necessary. Please contact Virden health Unit (204)-748-4346.

Therapy services

Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy provided to outpatient, inpatient and home care referrals. Please contact Melita Health Center (204)-522-4318.

Diagnostic Services

Scheduled lab and x-ray services are provided Monday to Friday, during regular hours and on emergency basis. Please contact Melita Lab & Imaging (204)-522-4305.


Diet counselling is available to inpatients and outpatients by physician referral. Please contact Regional Clinical Dietician (204)-748-4367.

Home Care Services

Services are provided to client needing assistance to meet their activities of daily living needs and meeting the criteria, this service is adjusted to each individuals needs. Please contact Nutrition Services Department Melita Health Centre (204)-522-4303.

Palliative Care

The Regional Palliative Care Program provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated end of life care to individuals and their family members throughout illness and bereavement. Contact Regional Palliative Care Coordinator (204)-747-1832.

Public Health

Provides care, information, and support to families in the areas of health promotion, immunizations, early childhood development, reproductive health, pregnancy/childbirth and parenting. Please contact Melita Public Health Nurse (204)-522-4312.